How to Remove Scratches from Plastic: 3 Easy Methods

We all have plastics at home, majorly kitchenware and furniture. Despite plastics being sturdy and durable, they are susceptible to constant scratches. Often, you will not notice the scratches, but the plastic item will lose its beauty over time. Fortunately, you can remove the scratches. With baking soda, toothpaste and sandpaper, you can remove scratches … Read more

How to Remove Scratches from Eyeglasses Plastic

If you wear eyeglasses, you know how it irritates when they pick some dirt or get scratched. The good news is you can remove the scratches with some DIY methods. Learning how to remove scratches from eyeglasses plastic will save you some dollars, time, and maybe a headache. Eyeglasses get scratched when you drop them … Read more

How to Remove Crayon from Plastic

Learning how to remove crayon from plastic is essential, especially if you have kids at home. The children’s artistic urges will not only end up on their canvas and drawing books but also any surface that can endure the drawings, such as plastics. Mostly, the children will stain the plastic toys, but this should be … Read more

How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Plastic

We’ve all messed our plastics with Gorilla Glue at some point. One moment the craft or household fix is going great; the next moment, you have various plastic surfaces glue stained, worse the skin. So, read on to understand how to remove Gorilla Glue from plastic because it’s an essential skill for every DIYer. Gorilla … Read more

How to Remove Tomato Stains from Plastic

If you love storing your tomato sauce in plastic containers, then learning how to remove tomato stains from plastic is essential. Luckily, you can remove the tomato stains with common household items such as vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and lemon.  Tomato stains develop due to bright red pigment in tomatoes known as lycopene which … Read more

How to Remove Yellow from Clear Plastic

Oils and UV light chemical reactions make clear plastics turn yellow over time. Whereas the clear plastics at home can be long-lasting, you may want to dispose of them in the recycle bin once they turn yellow or get stained. However, before you drop them into the recycle bin, let’s learn how to remove yellow … Read more

How to Remove Hot Glue from Plastic

Knowing how to remove hot glue from plastic is a technique that every DIY master should know. I have been there joyfully working on my crafts when abruptly, hot glue spilt off to an unintended surface, spoiling my moods immediately. It may also happen to you.   Whether the hot glue spilt off accidentally or you … Read more

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Plastic Bathtub

You are here! I guess you are wondering how to remove yellow stains from plastic bathtub? Well, I have the solution. The stains appear tough, but there are various methods you can apply and get rid of the stains quickly. With the right method and products, and patience, you’ll find the job much easier. Let’s … Read more

How to Remove Pen Ink from Plastic

Most of us have been victims of pen ink stains on our plastics. However, when you stain your plastic, do not explode because it is removable. Learning how to remove pen ink from plastic is important especially if you have toddlers at home. Whereas pen ink stains are a pain to remove, do not give … Read more

How to Remove Rust Stains from Plastic Tub

If you clicked on this article, you probably have rust stains on your plastic tub. Well, let’s get rid of them. Hard water deposits such as iron or calcium will rust the tub when exposed to oxygen. Metal products such as razor blades also facilitate the growth of oxide rings. Using household products or recommended … Read more